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"All parts of the body which have a function if used in moderation and exercised in labors in which each is accustomed, become thereby healthy, well developed and age more slowly, but if unused they become liable to disease, defective in growth and age quickly." Hippocrates


Our primary services include:

Workplace Wellness Center facility development


We work with owners and managers of commercial office buildings in order to design and manage dedicated Workplace Wellness Centers which provide benefits to all parties involved:


-  For commercial buildings we provide a revenue producing value added tenant ammenity

-  Commercial office building tenants receive a turnkey Workplace Wellness solution which can be fully paid for though insurance premium reductions and increased worker productivity

-  Employees get the convenience of having a dedicated on-site Wellness Center

-  Health insurers  benefit through a healthier insured group and lowered risk

 Workplace Wellness Program design and consulting


We work with employers to design and implement Workplace Wellness Programs, based on the latest scientific research, which improve employee morale and productivity.